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5 Most Popular Online Calculators (including: Federal Income Tax)

5 Most Popular Online Calculators (including: Federal Income Tax)

March 17, 2016

Utilizing online calculators is an easy way to estimate possible costs and savings by testing hypothetical financial situations. The most popular calculator search on the web is: Income Tax. A few more popular calculators include: Retirement, 401k, Annuity and College Savings.

It’s not easy finding calculators on financial websites and often times you end up on a web page with a whole bunch of calculators. So this list below with 5 of the most popular online financial calculators can save you time.

Click the blue links below:

 Federal Income Tax Calculator 

* Estimate your refund or how much you owe in taxes.


Retirement Calculator

* Assess your current Retirement Plan.


401(k) Calculator

* Compare potential employee contributions for Roth & Traditional 401(k).


Annuity Calculator

* Compare advantages of possible tax savings.


College Savings Calculator

* Assess savings and the potential cost of college.


Interested in more calculators & tools?

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Source: FMG Suites

These online calculators are for hypothetical examples used for illustrative purposes only. They are not representative of any specific investment or combination of investments. These worksheets provide estimates based on certain assumptions. They are not intended to provide specific investment advice. The results are not a guarantee of performance or specific investment advice. The rate of return on investments will vary over time, particularly for longer-term investments. Investments that offer the potential for high returns also carry a high degree of risk. Actual returns will fluctuate.

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