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99 Fun & Fulfilling Things to Do During Retirement

99 Fun & Fulfilling Things to Do During Retirement

April 13, 2016

A list of the things you want to do during retirement can be motivating when you’re working hard on your retirement plan. Below is an example list that might inspire you to create your own list. What are you looking forward to when you retire? What retirement aspirations motivate you?

Adventurous Activities  - Get out there and have fun when you retire.

  • Zero gravity flight in a 747
  • NASCAR Driving Experience
  • Tornado storm chasing
  • Earning your helicopter pilot’s license
  • Hot air ballooning safari
  • Spelunking/caving
  • Dog sledding
  • Shark cage diving
  • Dune buggy off-roading
  • Glacier hiking
  • Zorbing in a giant inflatable ball
  • Parasailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding
  • Flying above water wearing a hydro jet pack
  • Zip line jungle tour
  • Whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, sailing
  • River tubing excursion
  • Skydiving, bungee jumping or hang gliding
  • Elephant or camel riding

Volunteer to Help People & Animals - Rewarding activities during retirement.

  • Become an “RV Care-A-Vanner” for volunteer projects nationwide
  • Adopt an dog or cat from the animal shelter
  • Start a neighborhood watch group
  • Help at a hospice center
  • Work at a soup kitchen
  • Mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Read stories at a children’s hospital
  • Help organize a beach clean-up day
  • Deliver for Meals on Wheels
  • Work at a botanical garden, historical site or land conservancy
  • Train service dogs that help disabled veterans
  • Lead wildflower or bird-watching walks with the National Parks Service
  • Be a Companion for Senior Corps helping the elderly
  • Tutor students: English, Math or any subject you enjoy
  • Offer your time to help Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, local school programs
  • Coaching for soccer, volleyball, swimming or your favorite sport
  • Teach reading at a Literacy for Adults program

Hobbies & Just for Fun - More time for leisure activities when you retire.

  • Become an amateur astronomer
  • Build something big: log cabin, plane or boat
  • Brew your own beer
  • Plant a tree once a month for a year
  • Learn the art of Origami
  • Become a Wine Expert - amateur or certified Sommelier
  • Act in a film as an extra
  • Photograph a place 4 times in 1 year - winter, spring, summer & fall
  • Go geocatching
  • Patent something you’ve invented
  • House swap with other retirees
  • Create a YouTube Channel or Pinterest Page
  • Bake your own bread or freeze your own ice cream
  • Learn sign language or a foreign language
  • Pick-up a new instrument like guitar, keyboard, drums, etc.
  • Become a survivalist
  • Learn the art of Bonsai
  • Learn to pilot model airplanes or drones

Part-Time Jobs & Gigs - Make cash and make friends during retirement.

  • Rideshare driver with Uber or Lyft
  • Restore and sell antiques
  • Rent an extra room in your house on Airbnb
  • Errand-running with
  • Sell on Etsy, eBay, Craigslist (arts & crafts, clothes, furniture, etc.)
  • House sitting
  • Mystery shopper
  • Delivery Driver (
  • Handyman Services
  • Turn your car into a paid billboard with
  • Interior decorating
  • Dog walker (
  • Pet Sitting (
  • Certified Notary Public Services
  • Personal shopper (

Travel Experiences - Enjoy the freedom to travel when your retire.

  • See a game in all 30 major league ballparks
  • Snowmobile & see The Northern Lights in Alaska or Sweden
  • Ride InterRail around Europe
  • Visit amazing tulip fields, Netherlands
  • Climb Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia
  • Explore Antelope Canyon, Arizona
  • Photograph cherry blossoms, Japan or Washington DC
  • Hike active volcanos, Hawaii or Italy
  • Go to isolated destinations: Galapagos Islands, Mongolia, Iceland
  • Whale watching in New Zealand or Gulf of St. Lawrence
  • Wander around the Mayan ruins, Guatemala
  • Explore Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  • See animals & plants that only live on Madagascar Island
  • Observe a gorilla family in Rwanda/Uganda
  • Indulge at Oktoberfest, Munich
  • Experience 24 hours of daylight, Summer Equinox in Alaska
  • Drive: Route 66, PCH, coast-to-coast, Visit all 48 Continental United States
  • Fly to a randomly selected location with no itinerary

Health & Fitness Staying healthy can be fun when you retire.

  • Join a hiking group on
  • Hoopnotics hula hoop workout
  • Experiment with vegan diets and raw diets
  • Jump in the pool for water aerobics
  • Attend mediation retreats or health seminars
  • Get a mud bath at a hot springs spa
  • Do some laughter yoga
  • Try Jungshin martial arts sword workout
  • Learn tango or ballroom dancing
  • Hit & kick to stay fit with kickboxing
  • Battle ropes workout
  • Test different essential oils
  • Try Yoga Fusion which mixes yoga with different types of exercise

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