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Accumulation: 40s & 50s

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Now you have reached the Accumulation Stage in your life. This is when you will have the biggest impact on your overall financial health and quality of life during retirement. The decisions you make during this time are critical and require carefully consideration. What are your priorities now? Have you worked hard saving so your retirement planning is on track? Or has life thrown you some curve balls and now you need to re-evaluate your plan? It might be hard to believe you are middle age, but one thing is for sure - retirement doesn’t seem that far away anymore.


  • How should I adjust my retirement plan to be sure I’m on track?
  • Am I investing with the right risk and return balance?
  • How much will I benefit from maximum contributions to a 401k?
  • What are the different types of annuities?
  • Is there more I can do to tax manage my savings?
  • Which types of mutual funds are the best?
  • Is an index annuity different than an equity index annuity?
  • Is it too early to think about Long-Term Care Annuities?
  • How will financial planning after divorce affect my retirement?
  • Should I plan to withdrawal cash from my IRA when I am 59 ½?

With more responsibility than ever, you probably have a lot of things in life to juggle. And you need to make a lot of important decisions for you and your family. Feeling confident in your retirement planning could lower your stress and reduce your worrying about the future. Meeting with a financial planner will help you answer many of your retirement questions.


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