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Do you have the right amount of life insurance?

Protecting yourself and your loved ones now and in the future is an important factor in your financial planning. That’s why we provide Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance products we can customize to fit your individual needs. By utilizing our insurance advice, you   can decrease the chances of a future financial crisis for your family because your assets fall short.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance can give you a wide range of death benefit protections, spousal coverage and cash value accumulation. Also, it can be used as an estate planning tool that helps ensure your beneficiaries aren’t burdened with undue estate taxes. We will careful assess your situation and help you obtain the best coverage that meets our needs.

Long-Term Care Insurance

There are two important factors to remember regarding Medicare. Nursing home costs are not covered. Also, Maintenance Care costs after treatment will not be covered. Long-term-care insurance can help manage healthcare costs that Medicare doesn’t cover. This can ensure your healthcare needs, and those your family, are covered in the future.


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